The SOLUTION to CLIMATE CHANGE & the End Of the World as we Know It.

Great News in ConscienceLAND
Great News

Welcome to ConscienceLAND

There's so much to see and do in ConscienceLAND_\!/

As the world is disrupted by COVID-19 it's more important than ever to operate from ConscienceLAND. 

Beyond Borders, Beyond Politics, Beyond Fear into a Lifestyle Of Health Happiness And Sustainability (LOHHAS) and a Sustainable World Order_\!/

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Michael Moore's "Planet of the Humans" has stirred controversy in the world of environmental activism and protection. Philip McMaster, (aka #SustainaClaus ) looks for a positive, motivating, actionable ONE MINUTE TAKEAWAY for citizens of ConscienceLAND_\!/  

Get ready in ConscienceLAND...

June 6th is De-Growth DAY

In ConscienceLAND, we're thinking about and preparing for a lifestyle of SLOWsumption and LOWsumption. 

We all know we must begin to SLOW down our consumption to LOW levels for the sake of children, generations to come and in the spirit of SDG#12 - responsible consumption and production.  



Information on the ZOOM SOCIAL


Join in ConscienceLAND every Change Wednesday_\!/ 

ConscienceLAND, SustainaClaus and the Sustainies welcome friends from around the world to join us for our #ChangeWednesday Global ZOOM Social. 

WakeUp ~ Connect ~ Share.

We don’t have the answers individually- but together we do.

Let’s create a strong, decentralized ecosystem of communication, support and rewards that can’t be hijacked by controlling individuals, the hierarchy, technology, mass media or surveillance capitalism. Our freedom to live a Lifestyle Of Health, Happiness And Sustainability (LOHHAS) is under attack around the world. It’s time to WakeUp ~ Connect ~ Share_\!/


Note: this is not a dry, stuffy, complicated, authoritarian “Official Conference Call” or Pitch-fest. We’re not trying to sell you anything you’re not already looking for. 

The ConscienceLAND Social is a round table, a diverse “Carousel Of Care”. There are no “famous speakers” we’re all peers, just regular people, struggling around the world and trying to use pandemic time in the best way possible. 

The reality is most of us, including our leaders, are lost during this stressful period, but the big social, environmental and economic problems continue, unabated. It is our duty to take Individual Social Responsibility (ISR), stop the damage and for the sake of our loved ones - Wake Up to the Reality.

Connect to a Carousel Of Care

This first Carousel Of Care sharing is more like a birthday party, blender party or AUA (Ask Us Anything) online. It’s an opportunity to connect and smile (remember it’s Change Wednesday: SMILE~CHANGE~UNPLUG_\!/ ) and be encouraged by others of like mind. ConscienceLAND is where your Lifestyle Of Voluntary Effort (L.O.V.E.) shines_\!/


If you’re feeling lonely, happy or simply excited to meet people and share good news, please join this Carousel Of Care ZOOM SOCIAL. 

If you’re feeling angry, upset or lost,  become a supporting citizen of ConscienceLAND and request mutual support from a ConscienceLAND personal Coach for one-on-one training or meet someone in the group to talk to and guide your Lifestyle Of Health, Happiness And Sustainability (LOHHAS).

But first we just want to meet together , recognize and acknowledge all the new Citizen supporters of ConscienceLAND - the emerging tribe of doers.

The ConscienceLAND ZOOM SOCIAL  is helping us Wake Up, Connect & Share.

The solutions to our current problems are within us and among us.

In ConscienceLAND we are finished with waiting for centralized answers to local challenges.

We are reuniting our communities 

collaborating with other communities

and creating a mutually supportive DIY culture and a beneficial ConscienceLAND Coop.

EVERY #ChangeWednesday- the  ZOOM SOCIAL

The online meeting begins at 17:00 GMT

As you join the ConscienceLAND ZOOM social, 

Please share:

1.) your name, 

2.) Your time zone 

3.) Share the Secret Symbol Of Sustainability (^_^)_\!/

 what you are doing to help your community.

(Because there are no countries in ConscienceLAND we try to avoid using country names or nationalisms in our decentralized ConscienceLAND ...  just bring attention to the Time Zone / time of day  (GMT+ or -), community, project or region where you are right now.)

4.) If there is time,  and you are willing, you can try answering the SDG Challenge Game  or pass the QUIZ QUESTION to the next participant.

After introductions,  participants will be muted until you put up your 3 fingers.

Everyone is welcome to share ideas, make comments, requests and further introduce their favourite SDG-friendly projects in the chat


Every week, The Change Wednesday ZOOM SOCIAL starts at

9:00am in Vancouver

10:00am in Calgary

11:00am in Mexico City

12:noon in New York

13:00 in Sao Paulo

16:00 in Dakar

17:00 in London (GMT)

18:00 in Geneva

19:00 in Moscow

21:30 in Delhi

21:45 in Kathmandu

Midnight in Hong Kong China

1:00am Thursday in Tokyo

2:00am in Sydney (sorry)

4:00am in Wellington (really late/early, sorry)


The Zoom Meeting URL is

when you subscribe here, you'll get the entry code before the meeting.


Before the ZOOM call, please download ZOOM and test your 

  • microphone, 
  • webcam, 
  • face lighting 
  • and background.

NOTE: if you have a poster, banner, placard related to your citizenship in ConscienceLAND or #DoSomethingSDG please put it up in the background to remind people why you are at the social. Unfortunately it’s necessary to say any new guests displaying inappropriate images, posters, messages or backgrounds will of course be immediately terminated from the call and banished from ConscienceLAND Forever.


TLDR (Too Long Didn't Read): MAKE SURE YOU ARE ON OUR SUBSCRIPTION LIST - Free or Supporting - enter your email at and bump up your priority by becoming a supporting subscriber here at you’ll get your invitation in the newsletter.

The theme for this historic first ConscienceLAND Change Wednesday Online Social is #WakeUp2Reality, Connect with friends, new and old and #DoSomethingSDG - share your ideas and describe your actions in good humour, kindness and empathy for others around the world. 

Everyone who shares the Spirit Of Sustainability is welcome to join in - as a BONUS, you can CLAIM a ConscienceLAND CyberDomain FREE...


 #COVID19 and SDG#12

In 57seconds #SustainaClaus describes #TheGlobalHack and the need to build a universally accessible, simple, scalable Gaia Catalog, providing decentralized, citizen-scientist listings of discovered goods in the form of 

- good products - good people and good places -  all validated by Citizens of ConscienceLAND.



Conference Of Youth (COY) Madrid, Spain
Are you a ConscienceLAND Planetpreneur?

Claim your cyber DOMAIN

ConscienceLAND has over 1000 domains available to subscribing member-citizens

Youth and their parents are becoming Part Of the Solution

It's Happening... in ConscienceLAND

You are the Extinction Solution. 

…and we are all SustainaClaus_\!/ 

The virtual "anti-virus" - 3virus - (3 Finger Sustainability Symbol)  is now traveling the world as a new kind of inoculation against fear and disease. 


Originating in ConscienceLAND, the 3virus of Care, Compassion and Kindness is the antidote we need

you can help build the world we want and solve the SDGs

Coronavirus is definitely on the Naughty list and you’re contributing 3virus to the Nice List_\!/ (search “3fingerw” for example

You are the Extinction Solution, and it's viral

"We all know the problems in the world, how do we make the world better - especially starting now, today?"

- SustainaClaus in ConscienceLAND

ConscienceLAND citizens are spreading the natural, viral Caring Currency and goodwill of humanity with the 3finger Sustainability Symbol #3virus

Developing a new global social contract with your valued input

You can now begin to build a REAL, SUSTAINABLE, BENEFICIAL NEW LIFE in the evolving ConscienceLAND Ecosystem...

To initiate the Sustainable World Order in ConscienceLAND:

...You don't have to leave your home (but we hope you do get out very soon)

You can help spread the 3virus. -


You can start a fresh conversation posting your #3fingerw #Selfie3


You can share a Lifestyle Of Voluntary Effort (L.O.V.E.)


You can help wake up the world #WakeUp2Reality


You can exercise your Individual Social Responsibility #ISR


You can become one of the a #Sustainies


You can help frontline medical workers #SpiritOfBethune


You can participate and coach others on #ChangeWednesday


You can lean to live a Lifestyle Of Health Happiness And Sustainability #LOHHAS


You can Marry The EARTH for fun with your friends  #MarryTheEARTH


You can start #Plotting to solve the SDG's #DoSomethingSDG


You can become an important contributor to the #SDGhackathon


You can benefit from over 1000 shared ConscienceLAND #CyberDomains


You can access the #BlockchainOnramp


You can promote yourself, your place or product in the #GaiaCatalog


You can earn the SDGtokens of Appreciation #CaringCurrency 


You can become an accomplished #SDGsummiteer


You can become a founding member of the ConscienceLAND Coop 


and fundamentally contribute to solving the Sustainable Development Goals #DoSomethingSDG


plus, incredibly, more.

HELP #SustainaClaus help the World

With YOU as a newly trained Coach and Ambassador, ConscienceLAND will keep up with and surpass the spread of the deadly COVID-19 with a new virtual meme created by researchers, coders and humanitarians at the McMASTER INSTITUTE. 

There are two ways you can help financially:

1.) You can make a donation subscription to the research creating ConscienceLAND - for about the investment in a cup of coffee...

Donate the value of one "coffee" a month = Citizen status + Benefits

Donate the value of one "coffee" a week = Coach status + Benefits

Donate the value of one "coffee" a day  = Ambassador status + Benefits

or make a one time, larger donation today - we need to ramp up fast to serve the needs of ConscienceLAND citizens

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About ConscienceLAND and the Republic of Conscience

Not ready to ACT YET? get more info:

Explore our common Future

Be Generous - after all, your future is in ConscienceLAND_\!/ 

Citizenship, Coaching, Ambassadors...

Living a Lifestyle Of Voluntary Effort  (L.O.V.E.) 

You make it happen,  your contributions and participation help everyone reach the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG's) as URGENTLY as possible. 

Your GENEROUS CONTRIBUTION funds the solutions to extinction ...Search "3FingerW" to see what we've been up to at the McMASTER INSTITUTE_\!/

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