Message from United Nations COP25

SustainaClaus delivers the Climate Emergency Holiday Message at the United Nations Climate Change Conference COP25 in Madrid, Spain

The "X-mas" message is essentially, "X"-OUT the things you don't need this holiday season and invest the money you have in the future of your family, friends and community. Please "LIKE" this video to send it around the world via Associated Press_\!/

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Selected enquiries and questions will be listed  below:

When did the World Sustainability Project and ConscienceLAND Begin?

Although the "seeds" of the project are over 30 years old, the McMaster Institute was instrumental as a voice for the 3 finger "Sustainability Symbol", the World Sustainability Project and the resulting  Republic of Conscience / ConscienceLAND Coop. For a little window of history, check this content from 2013 -

What are the best SEARCH TERMS to find out more about ConscienceLAND?

The  simplest search is "3FingerW"

which results in thousands of images of "Sustainies" sharing the 3 Finger Sustainability Symbol

other search terms include:


World Sustainability Organization

World Sustainability Project

A quick scan of the CyberDomains of ConscienceLAND (which every citizen has claim to and potential Stewardship of...)  will also give an overview of ConscienceLAND and it's content.

How Can I SUPPORT the People Behind ConscienceLAND?

ConscienceLAND is exclusively  supported by its founders (hopefully you) a very small but passionate group of people who have backed Philip McMaster over the years to keep the lights on when few were listening.

It is still the case and will remain so for as long as we wish to remain true and independent of interference and suppression by the forces that be. 

If you are inclined to help, in any form, financially, sharing the message, participating in the training,  learning to teach others, organizing your local community - we need everyone. Literally, every human on the planet to at least be familiar with the concepts of community balance, harmony and protection of the natural environment.  Please consider donating and supporting ConscienceLAND at